Sam Treadaway

Sam Treadaway is a British artist whose multidisciplinary practice includes sculpture, book-arts, and olfactory scent-based installations. Making use of existing frictions between aesthetic form and utilitarian design, he edits and re-aligns found objects, structures, and systems thus generating new outcomes. The interplay between the arts and other fields of knowledge, such as philosophy, science, and music, often his working processes.

Sam Treadaway is working in an intuitive site-responsive manner at Arc to further explore the transformative potential of scent and the olfactory as a unique medium within our predominately visual-centric (art)world. Through daily walks and field work exploration and with a particular interest in referencing historical layering of Arc and the Jura region, the artist re-imagines the site and, via experimentation with a variety of perfumery-based techniques, is developing multi-sensorial works, including scent and other elements, which intervene with specific architectural spaces and locations at Arc.


  • Custom made residency


8 JUN. - 8 JUL. 2017