Kristine Marx

Kristine Marx is a visual artist from New York. She exhibits at Station Independent Projects in New York and is an associate professor at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Her work encompasses a range of mediums including drawing, painting, and video. She is interested in how every day experiences become disorienting when we consider the perceptual processes underlying them, such as fragmentation and memory. Her video installations are often composed of complex relationships of smaller interacting fragments.

Marx’s project at Arc focuses on the theme of the forest and interconnectivity. Her research interest is the underground hyphal network. Tiny threads of fungi create this network that allows trees to share resources and thus engenders a complex forest system. Emergence theory intersects with this recent ecological discovery. The curious crossing over of the abstract with the experiential engenders fertile territory for exploring interconnectivity. Marx will use her research as both a structuring principle and metaphor for new video works.


  • Custom made residency


8 JUN. - 3 JUL. 2017